Zohal Azimi Raja, Thin Cookies LLC founder, first started her passion for baking as a young girl in her father's bakery. Years later, she became the designated family baker and would always whip up something sweet for events. On her list of top desserts, chocolate chip cookies always stood first in line. 


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, she reignited her love for baking. She began her quest to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Her husband, Yoseph Raja, co-founder, quickly joined the adventure and they soon became the husband and wife baking duo. After testing recipe after recipe, they finally settled on what they believe is the perfect chocolate chip cookie: a cookie that is thin, soft, and chewy. Unlike your typical thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies, this was something they felt was needed in the market.

They started selling their cookies to family and friends and it was immediately a hit. Everyone kept asking, "How can a cookie be so thin, soft, AND chewy at the same time?"


The duo risked it all as Zohal quit her day job as a Graphic Designer to launch Thin Cookies and give everyone a taste of the perfect chocolate chip cookie.